Meet Our Team

Matthew -- Operations Manager 

Matthew joined our animal care team in 2001 as a veterinary assistant. He came to the clinic looking for a new challenge after leaving behind a very successful career in the record industry, where he owned and managed a record label. Through the years, Matthew has used his experience to help with logistics in the clinic, and he now focuses solely on management, working with our team as well as all of our suppliers to provide our clients and patients with the best possible care. Outside of the clinic, Matthew is also very busy as he has two daughters, many pets and hobbies.  

 Please feel free to contact Matthew at: if you have any questions for us.  


Veterinary Technicians

Veterinary Technicians are specifically trained professionals who work as an integral part of our veterinary medical team, to provide humane, quality animal health care. They are often the first-line contact with our patients in the hospital and they assist our doctors with an endless list of tasks including: animal care, laboratory duties, dental cleanings, surgical and anesthesia assistance, radiology and client education. 


Sandra -- Registered Veterinary Technician

Sandra has been in the veterinary field for over 15 years, bringing her skills and experience to Eglinton Veterinary in 2008. She graduated from Seneca College's Veterinary Technician program in 2003 and obtained her designation as an RVT shortly thereafter. Sandra takes great satisfaction from helping to keep our client's pets happy and healthy. She is particularly interested in surgery, and has helped us to get our successful Laparoscopic surgery program off the ground. She enjoys time in the park with her Labrador Retreiver, Dexter, who also can be found at the clinic when Sandra is at work. 

Stacey -- Veterinary Technician

Stacey grew up in Kingston, and had the opportunity to work as an assistant at a clinic there to start her career. She knew from this point that she wanted to work with animals, as she is passionate about their care and welfare. She graduated from the St. Clair Veterinary Technician Program in 2002, and has worked in clinical practice ever since, joining our team in the fall of 2013.  Outside of work Stacey enjoys travelling and even spent some time living in Australia and New Zealand.  She currently shares her home with Poncho, who is a senior cat adopted 2 years ago.  

Joanna -- registered Veterinary Technician 

Joanna joined the EVF team in 2016 as a part-time member of our team of veterinary technicians. She was born in Toronto and raised in Scarborough with some work along the way on her grandmother's farm which inspired her to try her hand as a veterinary assistant and then to attend St. Lawrence College to become a vet tech. 

Joanna's current 'mini zoo' consists of three cats (Stacey, Stella and Stanley), two turtles (Soup and Chowder). She misses her sweet canine companion named McCoy, who she called her "thief of meals". The household is completed by her kids, the 'zookeepers' Malachi and Illiyanna. Although leisure time is rare for Joanna, she does enjoy traveling, movies, walks in the woods, reading and dancing. 



Client services

Our receptionists will be the first people that you see upon entering the clinic and they work together with the whole hospital team to ensure that our clients and patients get the care that they need with professionalism and efficiency. Our receptionists are supported by the rest of the team, who all fill in on reception at times and assist in answering phones. The list of tasks for someone working a front desk in a veterinary clinic is very long, and includes answering phones and emails, handling paperwork such patient records, specialist reports and lab work and completing transactions for veterinary services or supplies such as food. 

Melanie -- Client service 

Melanie is EVF’s daytime receptionist and is responsible for co-ordinating many of our patient visits and keeping the doctors on track (which can be very challenging!). Since joining our team in the summer of 2012, she has worked very hard to make connections with those coming through our front door, and her goal every day is to make our clients and pets feel warm and welcomed.

Melanie was born and raised in Thornhill. She started to work in animal care in 2000, after completing the Animal Care Assistant course at Sheridan College. Although originally trained to assist the veterinarians and technicians with clinical work, Melanie found that she enjoys the challenge of reception work at a clinic and the interactions with clients. Many of our clients will know of how hard Melanie works to make each pet feel comfortable-she is the "cookie lady"! 

Outside of the clinic, Melanie enjoys cooking, and considers herself a "foodie" who loves to try new foods. She also enjoys movies and traveling. However, her deepest passion is that for her beautiful children, Jacob and Mayah. They share their home with their cat Panther who was adopted from another veterinary clinic.  

Sharon -- Client service


Sharon is our staple weekend receptionist as well as blessing us with her humour 2-3 afternoons a week. Sophie, her feline friend, enjoys evenings at home with Sharon and a good movie or book. Sharon was raised in a theatrical family, taught English for many years, and also worked at a major hospital in London, Ontario. She decided to start anew upon retirement, and went to work at an animal hospital in London.  She joined our team in late 2009 after relocating to Toronto to be closer to her two daughters. She has found that she loves working with our clients and patients, despite the exercise she gets running up and down the stairs at the clinic!

Veterinary Assistants/Animal Care Attendants

Our team would not be complete without our group of veterinary assistants, who work directly with our doctors and technicians to insure that our patients get the best possible care. They are responsible for animal care and general cleaning and maintenance of the practice, along with any other assistance necessary. Along with the veterinarians, they are the team responsible for our boarding patients when the hospital is closed.   

Deborah (deb) -- veterinary Assistant


Deb joined the EVF team in March of 2014.  She has been interested in veterinary medicine since her high school co-op placement in Cobourg, Ontario, but strayed a bit through other careers in the past, working as a hairstylist for seven years prior to coming back to veterinary medicine. Our patients are glad to have her around, as she is incredibly caring and enjoys being in a medical environment.  Deb is a big softie when it comes to animals; she shares her home with two dogs ( Gimli and Pippin ) and Abby, a ball python. Deb also pet sits for some of our clients, providing in home and visitation care for their pets while they are away. 



Esha has completed a degree in Life Sciences from McMaster University, and came to EVF in July 2017 after volunteering at an animal hospital in Hamilton. Esha's job is primarily on our front desk, but she loves the contact with the animals - "we get to cuddle and pet all breeds of dogs and cats, but most importantly provide them with better health". She grew up with a German Shepherd mix and a Spitz, who survived until the age of 15 years. Esha has a fascinating background, having lived in India, the Maritimes, South Africa, California and the GTA. As a result, she speaks 5 languages. 


Harry -- Veterinary Assistant/Grooming


Harry has worked at EVF for a number of decades, caring for at least generations of our patients (30+ years!). His work occurs mostly 'behind the scenes' where Harry can be found assisting our doctors and assistants, as well as maintaining the facility. He is our own personal "MacGyver" and can fix or build almost anything.  Harry is also primarily responsibly for any dog bathing that occurs at the hospital.  


Bo -- our Very important cat and weight loss champion 

Bo joined the EVF team in the summer of 2014. At that time she was presented to our doctors grossly obese and suffering from diabetes mellitus. Her owner was unable to continue her care, and we were lucky enough to be in a position to adopt her as our own; she moved into the offices on the second floor of the clinic building, happily becoming the only cat after leaving a home with many other pets. Bo was immediately started on a prescription calorie control diet (think "Jenny Craig for cats") and insulin. Through consistent weight loss and a proper diet, her diabetes reversed quite quickly. As her weight loss progressed she slowly became mobile, exploring more and more of our space over time. Many of our clients will have seen Bo in our front reception room in the evening, demanding her dinner. Bo is a very special part of our EVF world, and is a testament to how important proper weight is to keep a cat healthy.