Our site has housed a veterinary clinic since the 1930s and we are thrilled to be able to continue helping people and pets from North Toronto and beyond.

Eglinton Vet’s current veterinary team all grew up in the neighbourhood, attended local schools and have moved back to the area as adults. Our goal is to run a family veterinary practice true to our roots. We hope that our history will give you a little insight into where we have come from and how that shapes the way that we care for your pets today.

View of Eglinton West of Yonge 1930

The history of Eglinton Veterinary Facilities began with a single veterinarian, Dr. Leroy McGillvray, who began practicing here in the mid 1930’s. At that time Eglinton Veterinary was one of only 3 completely small animal clinics in Toronto.

Dr. McGillvary was followed by a Dr. Gordon McKay (who practiced until 1955), and Dr Tom DeGeer, who arrived in 1954 following his graduation from the Ontario Veterinary College. Some of our current clients can remember coming with their parents to see Dr. DeGeer and he is remembered fondly. 

Dr. Gord Whiteside arrived on the scene in 1967 and Dr. Chip Coombs in 1978. Dr. DeGeer sold his share of the partnership to Drs. Chip Coombs and Gord Whiteside in 1984 and they were joined in partnership a few years later by Dr. Bob Watson. 

And the modern era begins...

Although Drs. Whiteside and Coombs are now retired (retiring in 2000 and 2010 respectively), Dr. Watson has remained on as the senior veterinarian in the practice, having worked at Eglinton Vet since his graduation from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1984. Dr. Bob’s smile and infectious personality has not changed one bit in the 25+ years that he has worked at Eglinton Vet!

Drs. Bev Bateman and Jen Hodges both began working at the practice as high school students, developing a passion for the profession and eventually attending the Ontario Veterinary College. Both joined the veterinary team immediately upon their graduation from OVC (Dr. Bateman in 2001 and Dr. Hodges in 2006). Most veterinarians do not stay at one clinic for their whole career, and we are proud to have a team so dedicated to our practice.

 Curtis the cat ready for laser therapy

Curtis the cat ready for laser therapy

In order to fill out our veterinary team upon Dr. Coombs’ retirement, we looked towards our extended family and hired “the other Dr. Hodges”. Dr. Paul Hodges joined our team as a veterinarian in 2009, five years after his graduation from OVC.  At the same time, Dr. Bateman became partners with Dr. Watson in ownership of the clinic and the modern era of Eglinton Vet began! 

Our veterinary team has strong ties to each other, works well together, and compliments each other’s strengths. Together, our goal is to run a caring, professional, high-quality veterinary practice, where we get to know each and every one of our clients and their pets by name.